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Marion Garver

Assistant Manager, B.A., CFP®, ACSM CPT, SPIN, BTS Group Power
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Biographical Info

Marion retired as a Consultant Engineer from Intel Corp. in 2007 following thirty years in high tech. Always active, she immediately pursued her intended ‘Second Career’ in fitness. Marion trained as a Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner ( and has been teaching movement awareness since 1997. She joined FOF in 2008 as our Assistant Manager, a Personal Trainer, and a SPIN and Group Power Instructor. An avid cyclist, Marion has ridden across the United States twice.

Having run the BAA Marathon several times, she now enjoys the ‘best seat in town’ as a Bike Spotter! “The best part of my avocation as a fitness trainer is being part of enabling others to enjoy the tremendous rewards of a healthy lifestyle. Whether someone is looking to achieve the next level of fitness, or coming from injury or years of inactivity, my objective is commitment to people achieving their individual goals. For me, the reward of helping people to learn, adopt and establish healthier habits is the essence of being a trainer. Fitness is an achievable gift to give oneself. Come join me at the gym so we can work together.”

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