Nutrition Program

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  • Focus on Fitness gives you all that and more. You are greeted daily by a friendly and warm staff. I was even given a tour by the owner, Louise Boland, who is a very hands-on owner and clearly cares deeply about her business. She keeps the place spotless, and immediately repairs anything that needs fixing or replacing. The equipment is in great condition, with many new machines. *Testimonial Disclaimer Note: All FOF website Testimonials reflect a individual's unsolicited experience.

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Nutrition Program

Our POUND A WEEK Nutrition Weight Loss Program is designed by Alison Olson. This three-in-one program focuses on fitness, nutrition and stress management. It teaches individuals healthy eating habits for successful weight loss. We offer various programs including an ongoing 8 week program for $89, and a ‘Biggest Loser’ group. Call today for more information.